Local DAB to Launch in Salisbury Today

Salisbury’s long-awaited local DAB service finally launches today at 5 pm, although you can already rescan your radio and find a list of stations.

The service, which was first awarded the licence to operate over a year ago, will finally bring a host of new stations and improved DAB coverage across Salisbury and the surrounding area.

Salisbury’s DAB coverage is notoriously patchy other than for BBC services now has its own transmitters with one based just outside of the city and the other north of Amesbury designed to reach around 160,000 people.

One of the services launching on the platform is Salisbury Radio, the new local radio station covering Salisbury and South Wiltshire. There are familiar voices to be heard including Craig Hicks, formerly of Spire FM on breakfast with former St Edmunds pupil Beth Doherty alongside him.

The new DAB services are broadcasting using newer DAB+ technology which some older DAB sets may not receive.

If your DAB set displays the station name but does not play audio, it is likely that your radio set is not DAB+ compatible.

Some radio sets need a manual refresh to find new stations in the area.

Press ‘scan/auto-scan or ‘search/auto-tune’ on your radio, in order to receive the services from the transmitters.

Stations on the service include:

  • Nation 70’s
  • Nation 80’s
  • Nation 90’s
  • Like One
  • Like Retro
  • Greatest Hits Radio Salisbury
  • Greatest Hits Radio South Coast
  • BFBS Edge
  • BFBS Salisbury
  • BFBS Beats
  • BFBS Gurkha
  • Angel Radio
  • Salisbury Radio
  • Hot Gold
  • Hot Radio

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