Make Your Voice Heard on Policing Issues

Wiltshire Police’s Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) and Diverse Communities IAG are looking for new volunteer members across Wiltshire and Swindon.

They have a group in each of our six Community Policing Teams and one Diverse Communities IAG.

Could you help shape and impact local policing? If you would like to join, all they ask is that you have an interest in policing, can volunteer for a few hours every couple of months and would like to share your opinions and advice on policing matters.

The IAG is a key link between the Force and communities here in Wiltshire. They want members to actively participate in discussions on crimes, issues within your local areas, equality and inclusion, recruitment, stop and search and all other areas of policing.

Wiltshire Police believe it’s important to hold a strong partnership with their local communities and work together closely to ensure they serve and protect. The value of your independent advice comes from your background and knowledge of the community you are from.

You can help the police define the problem, inform them of what local residents are experiencing and help solve issues.

Wiltshire Police want their policing response to fulfil the needs of communities. Your independent perspective matters! IAGs are one part of our community consultation and engagement.

Sgt Tom Ellerby said: “Our Independent Advisory Groups are so important to us in the police because we need to listen and be held to account to build public trust.

“Please come forward and join if you want to make a meaningful difference to the way we police and be a voice for your community. This is your chance to influence and be heard.”

Wiltshire Police would like to hear from people from a variety of different backgrounds, gender, disability, age, race, religion/belief and sexual orientation.

IAG members are expected to represent their communities and be willing and capable of engaging them effectively.

The IAGs meet at least four times a year but in addition to meetings, they may be invited to offer their views on matters that specifically relate to their particular skills or expertise.

The groups help to boost community confidence in what Wiltshire Police do. They ensure the delivery of fair policing services for everyone, and reach out to communities, providing reassurance about the way they police groups we may otherwise find hard to reach.

If you want to apply to be a critical friend to Wiltshire Police, visit their website and download the member’s handbook and complete the online form, found under each individual IAG page.

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