Just Stop Oil protesters disrupt The Open golf championships

Just Stop Oil protesters have disrupted The Open golf championships with a smoke flare and orange powder at the 17th hole.

The group tweeted: “Three Just Stop Oil Supporters have disrupted The British Open – they demand that the UK government halts all new oil and gas projects.”

One of the players appeared to help security remove the protesters after the incident, which happened around 12.20pm.

It follows other action by the group in London today.

Just Stop Oil protest at the Open

Just Stop Oil identified two of the protesters as Noah Crane, 18, a community coordinator, and 19-year-old university student Hailey Birch.

“I’m disrupting the open today, not because I want to, but as a young person, I feel I have no other choice,” said Mr Crane.

“This government is knowingly taking action that will kill hundreds of millions of people and destroy my future.”

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