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Soccer Game Abandoned in England After Hearse Driven Onto Pitch

A local soccer game in England was abandoned on Friday, July 21, after a hearse and another vehicle stormed the pitch. Footage captured by a spectator shows two vehicles being driven in circles and fliers being thrown out onto the pitch during a pre-season friendly game between lower-division teams Gateshead FC and the home side Dunston UTS FC on Friday evening. The spectator told Storyful the incident happened shortly before the second half was due to kick off. “As we are waiting for the players return for the second half, we hear a fight break out at the gates,” they told Storyful. “I thought nothing of it as it happens a lot at football,” they continued. “Then I saw a hearse smash through the gates followed by another car. They drove onto the pitch then drove away.” “It all happened so fast, people were left speechless in the ground,” said the spectator, adding that police arrived minutes later. Northumbria Police said “a group of males wearing balaclavas” had exited the vehicles and thrown “leaflets on the pitch before driving away.” The hearse was abandoned on the pitch, they added. “Disorder will not be tolerated in the community, and anyone found to be involved will be dealt with robustly,” police said. “While enquiries are at an early stage, it is believed those involved are known to each other and there was no wider risk to the public,” they said.

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