Police release animated images of man wanted for 2007 murder of Thomas Cameron

Police have released innovative images of a fugitive wanted in connection with a 16-year-old murder in East Dunbartonshire.

Officers are still on the hunt for Derek Ferguson, 59, over the death of Thomas Cameron, 49, who was shot dead outside The Auchinairn Tavern in Bishopbriggs on 28 June 2007.

Intelligence gathered suggests Ferguson may have recently travelled between the southern part of the Netherlands and Spain – including Barcelona, the south coast and the Balearic Islands.

Officers from Police Scotland’s Fugitive Active Search Unit (FAST) have now released animated images – named an EvoFIT – to show how Ferguson could look now.

The EvoFIT was developed with help from forensic psychologist Professor Charlie Frowd, of the University of Central Lancashire.

With an international arrest warrant in place, police are urging anyone who recognises Ferguson to get in touch.

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Detective Chief Superintendent Vicky Watson said: “Our officers have carried out painstaking enquiries and research over the years to trace Ferguson and the new images released are a result of our investigations and the current intelligence picture surrounding his appearance.

“I would like members of the public to look at these images and get in touch with the investigation team if you recognise him and, most importantly, have information about his current whereabouts.”

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A reward of up to £10,000 is on offer from Crimestoppers for information that leads to the arrest of Ferguson.

DCS Watson said: “I am aware that over the passage of time, loyalties and relationships change.

“Despite 16 years having passed, our investigation to trace Ferguson continues and underlines our unwavering commitment to achieve justice for the family of Thomas Cameron.”

Ferguson is described as being between 5ft 2in and 5ft 6in in height. He has a small scar on his right jawline, a small piece missing from the top of his left ear, and was known to have various tattoos on his forearms, including a heart and a dagger.

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