Police Scotland postpones clean-shaven policy for officers after being

Police Scotland has postponed a new clean-shaven policy after taking health and safety advice and listening to feedback from officers, the force has confirmed.

The policy, which has already been pushed back from May, would force staff to remove any facial hair – including beards and moustaches – to comply with face-fitted PPE masks.

Police Scotland insisted there would be exemptions to the ban including for religious, cultural, disability or medical reasons.

When the policy was announced earlier this year, the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) said it had been “inundated with complaints” and claimed a number of officers intended to pursue employment tribunal cases.

The policy will be reviewed again in a year.

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Assistant Chief Constable Alan Speirs said: “We have postponed implementation of the policy having sought further health and safety advice and after listening to the lived experience of our people.

“I am very grateful to all divisions, staff associations and unions who provided valuable feedback during the consultation phase.

“Postponing implementation allows further examination of the evidence base for a policy which is proportionate and justifies change, particularly where that change has a significant impact on officers and staff.

“This work will be reviewed in 12 months to ensure we reach an agreed position on a policy which has the health and safety of our people at its core.”

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