The five-star blunder on the new Leinster rugby jersey

Leinster Rugby jersey with five stars Credit: Alamy

Leinster Rugby jersey with five stars Credit: Alamy

Leinster and kit suppliers Castore have been left red-faced after a blunder on their new jerseys for the 2023/24 season was found.

Images of the new jersey have been circulating on social media, with the jersey featuring five stars instead of four.

The stars are supposed to represent how many Champions Cup titles the Irish province has won in its history, with Leinster lifting the title in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2018.

The images surfaced from an Instagram post by Leinster’s exclusive retail partner, Everlys, depicting the jersey with five stars instead of four.

Sympathy Star

Rucked were one of the accounts to spot the blunder, tweeting the images of the jerseys with the caption: “Oh… oh no. Castore, what have you done?”

They followed that up with images of the new jersey in-store without the Leinster logo.

The error was quickly ridiculed online, with Munster fan Patricia joking that Leinster got a sympathy star after losing two Champions Cup finals to La Rochelle.

She tweeted: “It’s nice that Leinster were awarded a Sympathy Star, because it really was unkind when those horrible meanies from La Rochelle beat them in back to back finals. It was a moral victory for the boys in blue, and it’s great to see that reflected on the jersey.”

Meanwhile, Mike McLoughlin pointed out where the jersey had been photoshopped to appear correctly on other social media and marketing posts.

Rucked Magazine noted the same, adding in another post: “You can actually see where the star has been shopped on Leinster’s one if you look very closely, which implies the shirt was originally produced with five, which is… awkward.”

Another fan wrote: “This castore launch just keeps on giving. Porter finally has all his stars.”

With another joking that it was ‘The Porter Star’.

This was in reference to Andrew Porter’s quotes ahead of the Champions Cup final against La Rochelle after Leinster had lost the URC semi-final to Munster.

“To be honest, it’s a bigger job now. It’s about getting that fifth star on the jersey,” Porter said.

“You don’t see many URC or PRO14s or whatever you have on the jersey. You see those stars that are on the jersey, so that’s the thing we are looking forward to the most this week. This is the reality.”

The other images on Leinster and Everlys’ website have the correct number of stars, four, but that hasn’t stopped fans from having a bit of a laugh about the error.

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