A SALISBURY resident, businessman and all-time car enthusiast took time out of his busy schedule to talk to the Journal’s On Point Podcast this week telling us why he wanted to “completely reinvent the motor show.”

Chief executive at Automotion, Andy Entwistle organises motor events throughout the year including the successful Salisbury Motor Show in July. 

He is currently preparing for the annual British Motor Show which will take place in Farnborough in August where there will be more than 1000 cars on display.

Andy said: “For any event organiser, designing something that is fresh and new is the biggest challenge. Out of the box- we delivered something completely different. We wanted to completely reinvent the motor show and we wanted to appeal to the youngsters.”

The British Motor Show attendees will see the latest cars plus many much-loved classic cars.

There will also be a drift display which has not been done at the show before.  

Andy said: “In 2024, we are planning to run a big carting feature too. That’s a scoop for the Journal.”

A fact that may surprise some car enthusiasts is that the Farnborough Motor Show will be run completely on sustainable fuel.

Andy said: “It’s a really important message for us. I believe we are doing more than many inside the industry, because rather than beating people up and hitting them over the head, we are trying to show them they can still enjoy their passion but do it in a more sustainable way.”

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Andy talked about his passion for finding ways to keep people on the road but to do so sustainably. 

He said: “I drive a 5-litre Ford Mustang, and everyone around town seems to know me as it’s red, white, and blue, but I’m running it on sustainable fuel.

“We are really trying to help educate people through our shows. There are the petrol cars that will die a death, but then, you have these collector cars, and biofuels may be the answer to that.”

Biomass is organic material obtained from plants and animals and can be used as a source of energy.  

Andy said: “F1 is going to be running on biofuels from 2024, and I think it will become a bigger thing.”

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A company called Coryton creates bespoke blended fuels.

Andy said: “They sell it in small amounts so we need to get the big retailers on board with this. It can be blended with petrol or diesel, so I think there’s a bit future for it. Then, there’s hydrogen too.

“A company in Glasgow has just invented a hydrogen truck and there is a big movement in retro electric cars for people like me who have a classic car but who don’t want to put an electric engine in it.”

For the full interview go to the On Point podcast, click here.

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