Nearly 300,000 living in multi-faith households across England and Wales

Almost 300,000 homes in England and Wales are multi-faith households, according to analysis of census data.

The latest census, who took place on 21 March 2021, showed the religious make up of the population to be more diverse than ever with fewer than half of people describing themselves as Christian.

Within the 17.3m multi-person households in the two nations, 1.65% (285,000) were recorded as having at least two different faiths.

The areas inside London with the highest proportion of multi-faith households included Hounslow and Westminster, both at 5.5% and Barnet and Harrow with 5.1%.

Areas with the highest figures outside of London included Slough in Berkshire with 4.6% and Oxford at 3.8%, while in Wales, Cardiff was at the top with 1.8%.

Census 2021: multi-person households with at least two different religions

Image: Multi-person households with at least two different religions. Pic: PA

Reverend Richard Sudworth, the Church of England’s national inter-religious affairs adviser, said the survey suggests there are “many stories of love, loyalty and mutual care across religious difference”.

While the Muslim Council of Britain said the figures show that society is capable of “togetherness, mutual care and understanding”.

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Bea Baldwin, 17, who practices Judaism along with her father while her mother is a Christian, said living in a household with two religions has inspired her to teach people about her faith, while understanding theirs.

Sarah Baldwin of herself with her daughter Bea Baldwin (centre) and husband Joe Baldwin

Image: Bea Baldwin (centre) with her mother Sarah and father Joe Baldwin

“I think it shows if you are willing to educate yourself, everyone can live in unison without issue,” the teenager from Stratford-upon-Avon said.

Data from the census showed that there were 0.3% (81,800) homes with a combination of three or more of the religions in the categories. This could mean three different faiths, or two faiths plus the “no religion” category.

The census also suggested that nearly a third of all households in England and Wales (7.5m) followed no religion at all.

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