30 tonnes of hay bales may have been set on fire deliberately


A FIELD fire thought to have been started deliberately led to fire crews being called to Wilton. 

The fire took place in a field off South Street, Wilton on Tuesday, July 25 at 7.07pm and affected 30 tonnes of hay bales.

Fire crews along with the farmer worked to create a fire break. Two fire engines attended the scene – one from Salisbury and one from Wilton along with a small 4×4 appliance from Cranborne and a water carrier from Wilton. 

Residents were warned to keep their windows closed due to the smell of smoke. 

The crews left the scene at 9pm but two crews had to revisit on Wednesday 26 at 12.03pm as the fire had flared up again. 

Police were informed that the fire is thought to have been started deliberately. 

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