NFL legend Tom Brady becomes minority owner of Birmingham City Football Club

American NFL superstar Tom Brady has become a minority owner of Sky Bet Championship club Birmingham City.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion has partnered with the club’s holding company Knighthead Capital Management LLC and becomes chairman of a new advisory board.

The club said Brady will “apply his extensive leadership experience and expertise” across several areas including the sports science department to advise on health, nutrition, wellness, and recovery systems and programmes.

Brady said on the club’s official website: “Birmingham is an iconic club with so much history and passion and to be part of the Blues is a real honour for me.

“BCFC is built on teamwork and determination and I’m excited to work alongside the board, management and players to make our second-city club second to none.

“I’ve been part of some amazing teams in my day, and I’m looking forward to applying my perspective to create that same success here in Birmingham.”

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Brady has partnered up with Knighthead Capital on several other ventures and new Blues chairman Tom Wagner is looking forward to Brady’s “direct impact”.

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He said: “Tom Brady joining the Birmingham team is a statement of intent. We are setting the bar at world class.

“Tom is both investing and committing his time and extensive expertise. As chair of the advisory board Tom will have a direct impact on the club. The men’s, women’s, and academy teams are going to benefit from the knowledge.

“The goal that Tom has committed to own is to make Birmingham a respected leader in nutrition, health, wellness, and recovery across the world of football.”

He added: “Success does not come overnight. It takes time. But when you have great leaders in place everything becomes possible.”

Brady, widely regarded as one of the greatest NFL players of all time, announced his retirement in February.

He spent the first 20 years of his professional career at the New England Patriots, before joining Tampa Bay in 2020.

The 46-year-old split from his wife last year, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, with the sports star revealing it was “painful and difficult”.

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