Royal Mint unveils

The Royal Mint has unveiled jewellery made using silver sourced from medical X-ray films.

The British coin producers hope the move will reduce its reliance on mined materials and offer a solution to the increasing demand for silver.

The company based in Llantrisant, South Wales, is teaming up with a 300-year-old family business – Betts Metals.

Hospitals will be paid for recycled X-ray films and the initiative could also mean lower storage costs.

Betts Metals will process the X-ray films before experts from the Royal Mint use the refined silver to craft jewellery.

Pic: The Royal Mint

Image: Pic: The Royal Mint

X-ray films are turned into silver products.  Pic: The Royal Mint

Image: X-ray films are turned into silver products. Pic: The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint sells a jewellery collection named 886 – after the year the mint first made coins.

Currently, there are six pieces of jewellery made using silver from X-ray films included as part of the collection.

Chief growth officer at the Royal Mint, Sean Millard, said he was “delighted” to be working on the “innovative initiative”.

“As part of the Royal Mint’s vision to transform for the future, our precious metals recovery business is committed to leading the development of pioneering solutions within the industry,” he said.

“For us, this means responsibly sourcing materials which have the potential to reuse our planet’s precious resources, whilst supporting a circular economy and enabling customers to access products that align with their values.”

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Charlie Betts, managing director of the Betts Group, said the company was “excited to be working with the Royal Mint”.

“Hospitals are storing X-ray film well beyond its retention date, which can cost a great deal of money over time,” he said.

“This new project allows them to recycle X-ray film and receive the monetary value of the silver that we recover.”

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