Who are the 18 others charged alongside Donald Trump in Georgia?


John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani in 2020Image source, Reuters

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John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani have been indicted in cases in Georgia and beyond

By Robert Greenall

BBC News

As former US President Donald Trump is charged with attempting to overturn his 2020 election defeat in Georgia, who are the other 18 people accused along with him?

Here’s a potted guide to the others charged, with input from BBC North America correspondent Anthony Zurcher (AZ).

The lawyers

Rudy Giuliani

Perhaps the best known of the co-accused, the former mayor of New York City was a personal lawyer for Mr Trump at the time of the election.

He led legal challenges to dispute the outcome of the elections, and is accused of making numerous false statements about election fraud, including claims that errors had been made by the Dominion vote-counting machines.

He faces 13 charges, more than any of the co-accused except for Mr Trump himself. He has dismissed the investigation against him as politically motivated.

AZ: As mayor of New York, Giuliani was one of the most popular politicians in the US. As a close adviser after the 2020 election, he helped organise attempts to challenge Mr Trump’s defeat at the polls.

John Eastman

Mr Eastman, a lawyer for Mr Trump, represented the former president in a lawsuit trying to overturn election results in four states he lost in 2020.

In Georgia he is alleged to be part of a plot to urge state senators to disregard the election results and appoint fake electors.

AZ: A California law professor who advanced the theory that Vice-President Mike Pence had the power to reject the certified results from certain states that Mr Trump lost in 2020, including Georgia, based on allegations of voting irregularities.

Sidney Powell

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Sidney Powell at a news conference on voter fraud in November 2020

Another Trump attorney and a vocal promoter of false fraud claims.

Some of her more outlandish claims – that electronic systems switched millions of votes to President Biden and that he won thanks to “communist money” – led Mr Trump’s team to distance itself from her in the weeks after the election.

AZ: A lawyer closely tied to Mr Trump’s attempts to challenge the 2020 election results. She is also alleged to have been involved with an illegal breach of election data in Coffee County, Georgia, in an attempt to find evidence of voter fraud.

Kenneth Chesebro

Mr Chesebro is an appellate lawyer who first became involved in the Trump campaign’s post-election efforts in Wisconsin before expanding into other states lost by Mr Trump.

In Georgia he is accused of helping to devise a plan to submit fake slates of electors for Mr Trump.

It is alleged he wrote a memo that provided instructions for how such electors in states including Georgia should proceed to meet and cast votes for Mr Trump.

AZ: The indictment alleges this scheme constituted, among other things, fraud and forgery.

Jenna Ellis

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Jenna Ellis is said to have written legal memos for the former president

Another of Mr Trump’s legal team alleged to have been involved in trying to get false electors appointed in four states, including Georgia.

She is said to have written legal memos for the former president advising how then vice-president Mike Pence could delay the certification of Mr Biden’s election win.

AZ: A Trump attorney who, along with Mr Giuliani, was one of the most ardent supporters of allegations of election fraud and an organiser of attempts to reverse the election results.

Ray Smith III

A member of the Trump legal team who filed one of the campaign’s election challenges in a state court and is alleged to have made false claims at a legislative hearing in the state.

Robert Cheeley

A Georgia-based lawyer, accused of making unfounded accusations that election workers were double and triple-counting votes.

He has also served as an attorney for another of the accused, Cathy Latham, according to the Washington Post.

AZ: Smith and Cheeley are attorneys involved in the Trump team’s efforts to advance “alternate” presidential electors who claimed Mr Trump won Georgia

Federal and Trump campaign officials

Mark Meadows

The former congressman was Mr Trump’s chief of staff at the time of the election.

He is alleged to have tried to pressure a chief investigator to speed up signature verification in Fulton County and to have been involved in a phone call in which Mr Trump tried to persuade Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

AZ: A former conservative leader in the House of Representatives, he headed the Trump White House team. He has been indicted for his involvement in that phone call.

Jeffrey Clark

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Jeffrey Clark speaking to a congressional committee

A former Department of Justice (DoJ) official, Mr Clark is accused of trying to persuade the then acting attorney-general to write to the Georgian authorities claiming voting irregularities had been found there.

He is also alleged to be part of wider efforts to use the department to investigate voter fraud.

AZ:Mr Trump reportedly considered making Mr Clark the acting US attorney general – but he backed down when other senior Justice Department officials threatened to resign en masse.

Michael Roman

A senior member of the Trump election campaign, he is said in the indictment to have played a role in organising the fake electors’ plot.

Georgia state and county officials

David Shafer

At the time, Mr Shafer was chairman of the Georgian Republican Party.

He is one of those charged with mailing a fake certificate of Trump electors to a federal courthouse, and making false statements to investigators.

He portrayed himself as the “chairperson” of the 16 fake Trump electors.

AZ:He led the meeting of “alternate” electors who claimed Mr Trump won Georgia.

Misty Hampton

Former election supervisor of Coffee County, who is alleged to have helped Trump supporters gain access to the county’s voting equipment.

She also made a video soon after the election claiming that voting machines used in the county could be manipulated.

Cathy Latham

Former Republican Party chair in Coffee County and one of the 16 fake Trump electors for the state.

Shawn Still

Then finance chair of the state Republican Party and now a Georgian state senator, he was another of the fake electors.


Trevian Kutti

A former publicist for R Kelly and Ye (formerly known as Kanye West), accused of involvement in a plot to pressure a Fulton County election worker to falsely admit committing fraud.

Stephen C Lee

A Lutheran pastor from the state of Illinois accused of efforts to intimidate election workers in the Georgian state capital Atlanta.

Harrison Floyd

Former head of a group called Black Voices for Trump, also accused of intimidation of Atlanta election workers.

Scott Hall

Bail bondsman and Trump supporter involved in allegedly trying to gain access to sensitive election equipment in Coffee County.

AZ: Lee, Floyd and Kutti are Trump supporters alleged to have attempted to illegally pressure Ruby Freeman, a volunteer election worker, into admitting that she committed election fraud.

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