Salisbury Dogs Trust: Five loving dogs need to find good homes


FIVE beautiful dogs currently residing in dog charity accommodation need to find loving new homes.  

The Dogs Trust charity centre in Newton Tony, Wiltshire is hoping that the right owners will fall in love with these dogs and give them the loving home they deserve.


Chester needs a loving home (Image: Dogs Trust)

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Chester is a crossbreed, who enjoys playing with toys. He is comfortable with his own company and the charity has called him ‘an independent chap’.

It can take time for Chester to warm to new people so any potential dog owner would need to be patient and be prepared to invest time into building that bond. Chester would be good company for the right owner.

If you would like to offer Chester a home, contact the Trust here


Skippy the dog (Image: Dogs Trust)

Skippy is a loving, sensitive three-year-old brindle lurcher who needs a quieter home.

He would respond well to a family who will help to bring him out of his shell and do some fun and positive training with him.

He loves having a fuss and playing with his toys, but he can be a ‘worried boy’ initially.

If you believe you can offer Skippy a loving home, contact the Trust here


Ebony the dog (Image: Dogs Trust)

Ebony is a 5-year-old greyhound who has sadly lost one front leg but is still full of enthusiasm and has a lot of personality.

An experienced adult-only home would be ideal for Ebony and she needs an owner willing to give her time to settle so she can become the affectionate dog that the Trust see.

Ebony enjoys being around people and struggles to be on her own so would need owners who are around for much of the time.

Can you offer Ebony a home? Contact the Trust here

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Jazz the dog (Image: Dogs Trust)

Jazz is an energetic three-year-old crossbreed who adores the company of people but can find it difficult with new people at first, especially men.

Jazz would suit an adult-only home.

He’s a clever boy who enjoys training and is currently on training programmes at the centre and this would need to continue in his new home.

If you believe you can offer Jazz a home, contact the Trust here


Logan the Siberian Husky (Image: Dogs Trust)

Siberian Husky Logan is a clever boy who loves to ‘sing’ and travel in the car. He adores treats and spending time with his human friends.

He has experienced lots of changes and will need time to settle into his new home. Patience is key and any new owner would have to take on his pre-existing medical conditions and any associated costs.

If you believe you are the right person to offer Logan a home, contact the Trust here

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