Mice Found At Bulford Restaurant Leads To Zero-Out-Of-Five Hygiene Rating


A Nepalese restaurant in Bulford received a zero-out-of-five hygiene rating after mice were found at the business. A member of staff explained that the mice originated from a long-abandoned neighbouring building.

Inspectors from Wiltshire Council’s public protection team visited Solti’s Kitchen on Horne Road in Bulford on Thursday, June 29 and published the rating in late July.

Rojan Gurunz, who works at Solti’s Kitchen, said the mice were the result of an abandoned building nearby.

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Rojan said: “We’ve got an abandoned building beside our restaurant and we were the nearest from that side. We got highly affected.

“We are the victim of it.”

Rojan added that the business has been proactive in the month since the inspection, with a pest control company having visited the establishment multiple times.

Rojan said: “We’ve talked to pest control and everything to protect from it, to make them not to come in our restaurant. It’s all good right now.”

Solti’s Kitchen is anticipating a reinspection in September.

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