IN THE DOCK: Six People In Court For Crimes In And Around Salisbury This Week


Here is a round-up of crimes committed in and around Salisbury in the past week. 

JOSHUA STEPHEN PULLING, 26, of Burden Drive, Salisbury, has been fined £600 for failing without reasonable excuse to comply with the requirements of a community order made by Salisbury Magistrates Court.

Failure to attend unpaid work appointment on January 1, failure to attend planned telephone appointment on January 13, and failure to attend unpaid work appointment on January 20. Fined £600, costs £60, collection order made. 

NATHAN TROW, 24 of No Fixed Abode, Amesbury, accused of assaulting someone and unlawfully and intentionally threatening another person with a knife inches long, damaging a chair and lampshade, and entering a property as a trespasser and stealing a watch. Warrant for arrest without bail.

AARON WALSH, 19 of Bishopdown, must pay £278 for driving a car on Race Plain Road, Salisbury, without a licence or insurance. 

Defendant’s guilty plea taken into account when imposing sentence. Fined £120, to pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £48, and costs of £110. Disqualified for holding or obtaining a driving licence for six months.


Application for a domestic violence protection order. A domestic violence protection notice was served on July 27. In accordance with section 27 Crime and Security Act 2010. DVPO Domestic violence protection order made for 28 days for the protection of the associated person. The defendant must not contact the person directly, indirect contact only for the purposes of arranging joint finances. 

JESSE WALTERS, of Mill Road Mews, Salisbury, pleaded guilty to assault by beating of an emergency worker, racially / religiously aggravated intentional harassment/alarm/distress – words/writing, and criminal damage to property valued under £5000. 

£100 compensation to emergency worker. Community order. Rehabilitation activity – Offender to comply with any instructions of the responsible officer to attend appointments (with the responsible officer or someone else nominated by them), or to participate in any activity as required by the responsible officer up to a maximum of 15 days. Unpaid work. Requirement to be completed within 12 months. – Number of hours: 120 Hours. Aggravated due to emergency worker offence – Unpaid work uplifted from 100 to 120 to reflect the statutory aggravating features.

Walters also damaged windows belonging to The Kings Arms in Amesbury, intending to destroy or damage such property or being reckless as to whether such property would be destroyed or damaged. £650 compensation. Costs to Crown Prosecution Service – Amount of costs: £85. Surcharge – Amount of surcharge: £114. 

HENRY DEWELL, aged 23 and of Mill Road, Mutford, admits being in charge of a VW Polo in Holt Road, Three Legged Cross, on February 27 with 3.2 micrograms of THC per litre of blood. Fined £170. Driving record endorsed for 10 points. To pay £85 costs and £68 surcharge.

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